Rural bio-digesters
Measuring run-time wirelessly

Rural bio-digesters


Sustain Earth

Project scope

Sustain Earth develop and deploy efficient bio-digesters suitable for small farmers. These generate up to 4 hours of cooking gas and 45 kilos of bio-slurry every day. They wanted to develop means of measuring gas output from bio-digester so that monetisation can be based on gas usage rather than sales of bio-digester.

Project Innovations

  • We trained and worked closely with a Sustain Earth intern to develop a timer run on the same power circuit as the bio-digester
  • The total run-time is recorded weekly by an operator via a custom app over a password protected wireless access point hosted by the sensor
  • The total cost of sensor, power circuitry and housing is < Rs. 400


  • Four sensors are being deployed with bio-digesters in the north of India
  • The entire sensor development has been released as open source