Long range livestock RFID
Body wearable UHF RFID

Long range livestock RFID



Project scope

Roxan are one of the most reputed suppliers of livestock ID solutions in the UK. They approached us to design and deploy a livestock RFID tag that offers longer range (2-3m) than traditional LF RFID systems (15cm), is more robust than UHF labels and works consistently when attached to livestock such as sheep and cattle. We helped deliver a tag that is designed in Bangalore, fabricated in China, assembled in the UK and sold globally.

Project Innovations

  • We designed a novel multi-layer ceramic antenna suitable for on-body use that works with existing IEC 18000-6C compatible UHF RFID tag ICs
  • Working closely with Roxan we ensured that the tag fit into the robust and miniature TagFaster tag packaging - while optimising the range achieved
  • We developed a tool to redesign the antenna for other frequencies and range requirements (currently scaling down to sub-10mm dimensions!)


  • Successful trials in a number of countries including Australia, France and Ireland
  • Redesigning the tags for other livestock such as cattle and novel research applications such as studying pollination patterns of honeybees