In addtion to the ones listed in the portfolio dropdown, we have worked on 30+ products in the domains of sustainable engineering and efficient communications. Here’s a partial list of the successful ones. Buy us a beer to learn more. Buy us two and we can talk about the less successful attempts!

NB: We respect confidentiality and take it seriously.

Wireless communication

  • Passive, wireless pressure sensors for vacuum monitoring
  • openSAFETY enabled long range communication for safety critical applications
  • Seamless connectivity to new WiFi networks
  • Intelligent, configurable wireless router for industrial IoT applications
  • Ultra-wideband and tunable components such as amplifiers, couplers, antennas
  • Impedance tuners
  • Wireless sensors embedded in smart joints and terminations for the electric grid

Microwave processing

  • Microwave leakage detector
  • Rapid flood remediation unit with built-in safety features
  • Pre-heating for thermoformers
  • Focused heating for wet spot removal in insulating materials


  • Radar absorption using conductive polymers
  • Near field focusing for imaging applications