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Reconfigurable low-maintenance microwave tunnels

While developing the drying system for recycled paper bottles we pioneered a ‘magnetron as a light bulb’ approach. This approach allows us to build variable intensity microwave tunnel systems while making it much simpler for clients to maintain the equipment. By combining commodotised 2.45GHz magnetrons with industrial power supplies we are able to significantly reduce the cost and failure rates while maintaining efficiency.

The system integrates double-door techniques from ceramic kilns to ensure continuous processing is easily and safely achieved within a much smaller footprint than traditional choke-based microwave tunnels. Beyond paper drying we are currently exploring applications in food processing and packaging. Get in touch to learn more or for a consultation.

High range, safe wireless networks

We needed a long range, safety-enabled wireless link that did not operate on 2.45GHz. This ruled out the industry standards, WirelessHART and ISA100, so we built our own. We built a communications processor wrapper around standard mesh networking topologies using a proven safe communications standard, openSAFETY, and SIL-3 rated hardware, TI Hercules.

Having achieved 12km range at 868MHz we are beginning to explore other applications in long range, safe communications especially in oil and gas. Get in touch for a demo or for further consultation.