About Us


At Jaaga Sustain we focus on environmental challenges that have an economic value and a potential solution in technology. We help take lab-proven solutions to market - see technology readiness level (TRL) chart below.

Sustain TRL Focus

Our Team

Tej holds a PhD in wireless engineering and has worked extensively on wireless communication and efficient microwave processing of materials. Tej leads evangelism and hardware development at Jaaga Sustain.

Jay brings over 20 years of innovation and technology experience in leadership roles at large multinational companies. Jay acts as virtual-CTO to all incubated ventures and leads product architecture at Jaaga Sustain.

Jai brings the necessary financial acumen to Jaaga Sustain. He helps organisations express environmental impact in terms of economic value and vice versa. Jai acts as virtual-CFO to all incubated ventures.

Jaaga started in 2009 as a common ground for activists, artists, designers and technologists. The transition from micrograce to Sustain was incubated at Jaaga Startup - one of three entities that make up Jaaga.